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Our Mission

Brandon Hall's mission as a co-educational, global boarding and day school challenges students to lead lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. Our community celebrates learning, fosters global citizenship, embraces diversity, encourages athleticism and artistic expression, and inspires students to find their path and lead the way.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.


Brandon Hall Global Partnerships

Brandon Hall’s current school partnerships across the globe enable students and faculty to form exchange and service programs and collaborate on mission-aligned projects.

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The Boarding School Advantage

Why Boarding School Students are Better Prepared for College, Career, and Life

Boarding school students are in their learning environment 24/7, and they use their time on campus more productively.

Boarding school students enjoy more than double the time per week with teachers, coaches, and staff members outside class — about 9 hours per week compared to 4 hours at other schools.

87% of boarding school students report feeling very well prepared academically for college, compared to just 39% of public school students.

Boarding school students say that boarding school has helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, independence, and the ability to think critically.