Kailey Chin wins GISA Individual State Tournament

Kailey Chin ‘19 dominated the rest of the GISA and won the Individual State Championship, defeating teammate Angie Fusto ‘20 7-5 and 6-1 in the finals. Both Fusto and Chin earned All State honors for their accomplishment.

Chin cruised through the first 2 matches and then got pushed in the semifinals. She dropped the first set and then easily took the second before her opponent was sick and had to retire.

This set up a Brandon Hall vs. Brandon Hall showdown in the GISA State Finals. Fusto and Chin went toe to toe in the first set as Chin won a hard fought 7-5 first set. She then took over in the second set and won that stanza 6-1 to clinch the State Championship.  

Kailey Chin became the second State Champion in Girls Tennis in School History as Olivia Bryan also took home 1st place in 2017. Fusto was the second girl from Brandon Hall to finish as state runner up.

“It was definitely an odd feeling to have to sit back and watch, knowing that either way one of my girls was going to be a state champion. Both played very well all season and I couldn’t be more proud,” Coach Melinda Payne said after the match. The Lady Panthers will compete in the GISA Team State Tournament on Tuesday.

TennisAllison Chernutan