Eda Urkmez

Class of 2020

When did you come to Brandon Hall? August 2018

What is your favorite thing about Brandon Hall? What gave you that first "This is the school for me" feeling? My favorite thing about Brandon Hall is how organized everything is. When I was feeling much more comfortable with my friends and my teachers than I felt in my old school, and when I started to trust people - this is when I felt this was the school for me.

What's your favorite Brandon Hall memory? All of my games in volleyball and basketball season!

What has been your greatest achievement in your time here? The greatest achievement was when I was awarded MVP on the volleyball team.

What after school activity has helped you to grow the most? I was not playing volleyball at home in Turkey as much as I play here, so it has helped me to improve at volleyball. I have been playing basketball since 2011, so basketball is the sport that I am having fun the most playing. Every year that I play a team sport, it helps me to become self-reliant, because playing in front of people is not as easy as in practice or watching a game.

What do you like to do for fun when you're not in school? I like going out to eat, or going to a concert or a game with my friends.

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