The College Advisement Department supports students and families during the college admission process in their sophomore through senior years. Our goal is to provide students with an understanding of how the academic, social and extracurricular aspects of their education affect their prospects for college admission.

What’s Required for Graduation

  • English: 4 units of credit

  • Mathematics: 4 units of credit

  • Science: 4 units of credit

  • History: 3 units of credit

  • Foreign Language: 2 units of credit (Three units strongly recommended)

  • Physical Education/Health: 1 unit of credit

  • Fine Arts: 1 unit of credit

  • Computer Science: .5 units of credit

  • Electives: Remaining units

College Representatives on Campus

Making visits to college campuses can be difficult during the school year. Brandon Hall invites a number of college representatives to the Brandon Hall campus during the year so students have the opportunity to get to know colleges all over the country.

Standardized Testing

Ms. Nicole Chapman is our testing coordinator.  She will help register students for both the SAT and the ACT.  It is recommended that students begin taking standardized tests for college during the spring of their sophomore year.  Ms. Chapman will also help students in need of special testing. Brandon Hall is a testing center for some SAT testing dates.  Please check with Ms. Chapman for more details.